Michigan Industrial Decommissioning
Bulldog On-Site Solutions is an active participant in the decommissioning process for many Fortune 500 companies, and has recently expanded these services to our entire client base. A decommissioning project has many variables, distinctions, and specialty needs but generally falls under three main classifications: Scrap Based Projects, Due Care Extractions, and Turn Key.


By leveraging our knowledge of the continuously changing scrap metal market, B.O.S. will assess the highest possible scrap value of your machinery and create a solution for the extraction that incorporates our removal costs…often resulting in a surplus to be paid back to you.

Some examples of these types of projects are:

  • Removal of groupings of obsolete machinery (such as an assembly loop or stamping press line) from an operational plant.
  • Individual machinery removal of any kind.
  • Complete facility clean-out for preparation of lease or property sale
  • Complete facility demolition


Michigan Industrial Decommissioning

Decommissioning simply refers to the removal of something from service, and in this case we are referring to industrial machinery and machine tools. There are many times where our clients have surplus machinery from past production runs that are idled, essentially using up valuable floor space and tax dollars…enter B.O.S.

By working directly with various auctioneers, machinery dealers across the country, and our own international customer base, Bulldog On-Site Solutions is able to find you the best value for your machine sales by finding you a sales point combined with a relocation strategy. Whether these needs stem from a facility relocation, or a complete company auction…Bulldog has a solution for you.


The turn key process for decommissioning is most often what we are called for. Without any need to complicate the verbiage, this process is essentially the combination of scrap based services and due care removal to ensure that our clients always receive the highest possible value for their capital assets and investments. We offer various options in this category such as asset purchase, facility purchase, commission based sales or auctions, etc. Some possible examples of the needs for this service are:

  • Intended Plant closure for liquidation.
  • Forced Plant closure by bank.
  • Insurance claims from natural disasters or fires.
  • Facility purchased by another company.
  • Complete retooling.

Bulldog On-Site Solutions will construct various options for you to accomplish your decommissioning goals. We are able to work with you from beginning to end to ensure that your facility is left clean, the machinery is relocated, and you have the highest possible return.